Improvements and Review into Rock-A-Nore Road, its pavements and traffic congestion.

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We the undersigned petition East Sussex County Council to invest in road and pavement improvements in Rock-A-Nore Road and review the access and congestion problems which must allow for emergency vehicle access for residents, tourists, businesses and the new surgery.

1. The poor quality of the pavements and road leading from Rock-A-Nore Car Park to the busy tourist area of Hastings Old Town are no longer fit for purpose and not suitable for the public, in particular, the visually impaired, young children and those using wheelchairs or buggies. This is an equalities issue which must be addressed before a serious accident occurs.

2. The issue of emergency vehicle access and traffic congestion along Rock-A-Nore requires further investigation and we are calling on County Council, along with Hastings Borough Council, to review this and find solutions to these problems.