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Concerns regarding increased noise pollution and the general disturbance resulting from both machinery and animal screams (previously it has been indicated by local residents living in the vicinity that the company have not been compliant with their environmental permit regarding noise emissions). The increased storing of 600 PIGS a day to 1,700 is a massive increase of production.  This means that there will be TRIPLE the noise level of screaming squealing pigs, smell and noise from the factory in a village location! 

The current industrial operation is already close to residential area, and therefore further encroachment will impact negatively on resident’s health and welfare. There will also be an impact on privacy issues and in some instances a loss of light on private dwellings and the tranquility of the countryside environment.  

There are also concerns around the impact this building will have on the infrastructure relating to a rural location the additions need and use of buildings, roads, power supplies and  sewerage/drainage  system. 

The village infra-structure is already struggling to cope with heavy industrial haulage to the site, especially with lorries already having to mount curbs to negotiate corners etc.  which in turn causes considerable damage to the roads, grass verges, wildlife with the possibility of additional congestion. The additional haulage will also impact on the villages themselves with  road stability and road safety to all inhabitants; in particular elderly residents, those with disabilities and children.  Along with the increase in vehicles locals may struggle with issues such as parking, turning and even the loading/unloading of essential goods and general deliveries to the area.

Concerns have previously been raised regarding the increase in waste products and potentially hazardous materials which will impact severely on local drainage (previously local households had reported strong smelling liquid and stenches from their drains).  There is also the increased risk of drain blockages which in turn could increase flooding to the area; if natural rain fall has nowhere to drain normally.  Again, this will impact on Council financial resources with increased cleaning/clearing of the drainage system.

THREEFOLD increase of fumes/pollution from the heavy haulage. There is mounting evidence of the health dangers of pollution, which is already known to play a part in asthma attacks, heart attacks and strokes.  Microscopic particles largely generated by diesel exhausts have been shown to cause lung damage and harmful changes in blood vessels and clotting.  

We respectively ask that this current planning application is refused on the above grounds.

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