Stop East lothian Council charging £395 for Musical Instrument lessons in Schools.

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Music tuition is currently free in East Lothian and should remain so. East Lothian Council are proposing to charge £395 per year for pupils to learn a musical instrument in school. Education in state schools is free in Scotland and all aspects of it must remain so. There should be no barriers to education in any schools, and financial barriers in state schools are unacceptable. The instrumental music service in East Lothian is an outstanding success. Learning a musical instrument: (1) boosts educational attainment in other disciplines; (2) improves health, wellbeing and confidence; (3) provides careers for many; (4) strengthens community activities and enables amateur music groups to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for charities; (5) provides lifelong social benefits for individuals and communities; (6) is central to our proud cultural heritage; (7) provides enormous benefits to the economy; (8) is a powerful aid in the alleviation of many mental and neurological conditions; (9) creates lifelong friendships; and (10) should remain freely available to all children in state schools. Music provision should be a priority in all regions and parental income should not be the factor which decides whether children can access this service. East Lothian Council should reverse the budget decision to introduce fees for musical instrument tuition.