East Herts District Council (EHDC) - Declare a Climate Emergency!

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The world we know is changing. Global temperatures are rising, ice sheets are melting, ocean acidity is increasing and biodiversity and habitat loss signal the very collapse of the ecosystems which could save us from irreversible climate change.

The United Nation’s IPCC Report says that if our planet warms by more than 2°C, most ecosystems will struggle.

Here in East Herts, we are already experiencing the very real effects of climate change: from floods and droughts in our towns and villages, to extreme temperatures affecting the health of some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

We now understand the causes and impacts of climate change and the crisis can no longer be ignored. We have just 10 years to take significant action before we witness irreparable climate breakdown. Now is the time to demand climate action from those making our local laws, taking planning decisions and delivering public services.

East Herts District Council must declare a Climate Emergency and place unprecedented focus on actions that will mitigate the impacts of climate change in our district.

We the undersigned ask that East Herts District Council declares a Climate Emergency and as a minimum;

  • Commits to ensuring all new developments achieve net zero carbon with immediate effect.
  • Improves air quality by investing in infrastructure that will radically reduce car usage in town centres and air pollution hot-spots and improves access to electric vehicle charging across the district.
  • Increases residents’ access to renewables, for example by helping people to purchase solar PV through a group-buy initiative such as Solartogether.