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Ban Styrofoam Containers and Plastic Cutlery in East Hampton

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East Hampton Town and Village have banned single-use plastic bags as of 2016, the logical next step is banning single-use plastic plates/cups/cutlery and styrofoam containers. France has become the first country in the world to do this, the law will go into effect in 2020. As a forward thinking and ecologically conscious community, East Hampton could follow this example.

Single-use plastic cups, plates, and cutlery and styrofoam containers do not biodegrade, make up a huge amount of waste that the town has to process, and can often end up in our ocean and bays, killing wildlife and leaching harmful chemicals. These items are not easily recyclable, and contribute to climate change through their production and use of fossil fuel based resins.

Plastic and styrofoam can be replaced with biodegradable, compostable and reusable alternatives, such as cornstarch-based products, bamboo, paper, or traditional metal cutlery and glass. These alternatives are only slightly more expensive but make a huge difference in disrupting the waste stream.

Local businesses can also choose to offer reusable cutlery and containers, or encourage customers to bring their own for a discount.

Lets take the lead in the US and demonstrate that single-use waste and disposable culture stops here!

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