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Explain to constituents why they didn't vote in the equal marriage debate.

We want them to explain in person to a collective of progressive East Belfast voters why they refused to take part in a vote that addressed the rights of a marginalised group of people within our community. In a robust democracy politicians must be held to account and particularly when their actions are intentionally prejudiced against those within our society who already experience discrimination. As concerned constituents we feel that we have the right to have politicians who we believed would represent our views, particularly around issues of human rights and equality, answer to us directly. The Alliance Party in East Belfast won support by offering an alternative to dominant religious and political dogmas, and suggesting they would be "leading change". However, the actions of Judith Cochrane and Chris Lyttle in refusing to vote in the equal marriage debate on 1st Oct 2012, left constituents feeling betrayed. If you live in East Belfast and want to call on them to give account for this, please sign and share.

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    East Belfast Alliance MLAs Judith Cochrane and Chris Lyttle
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    Judith Cochrane
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    Chris Lyttle

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