Early Registration - Canisius College All-College Honors Program

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The All-College Honors Program has long been a staple of the Canisius College community. For almost sixty years, the Honors Program has provided academically gifted, highly motivated undergraduate students with an accelerated and enhanced learning experience. With 249 students currently enrolled in the program, Honors comprises more than 10% of Canisius’ total student population.
In recent years, the All-College Honors Program has been hit with drastic budgetary cuts and other changes that have hindered the Program’s ability to remain attractive to incoming students. Over the past five years, Honors has watched as its annual financial allocation was slashed in half, its former residence hall (George Martin House) seized by college administrators, and its longtime professors’ teaching availability within Honors now heavily restricted by academic departments, which are increasingly short-staffed.
On top of these burdensome limitations, Canisius College All-College Honors Program students do not enjoy some benefits offered by honors programs at other colleges nationwide. Canisius Honors students do not receive additional scholarships or financial-assistance grants for their enrollment within the program, that is, beyond merit scholarships. Canisius Honors students do not receive tuition waivers for excess credits in a given semester. Canisius Honors students do not have access to an “Honors House” or other quiet study/retreat-style building on campus. [The Honors Lounge in the basement of Horan O’Donnell has room for very few students at the same time.] Canisius Honors students do not have free printing in the lounge or an increased printing allowance anywhere on campus. Outside of the (one) thesis semester, Canisius Honors students do not have special library borrowing and renewal privileges.
In addition, Canisius’s All-College Honors Program is the only such program in Western New York that does not provide early registration for its students. All other regional schools offer this prized benefit to their honors students, including Buffalo State College, Daemen College, Hilbert College, Medaille College, Niagara University, St. Bonaventure University, St. John Fisher College, SUNY Fredonia, the University at Buffalo, and Villa Maria College. At other schools, both regionally and across the nation, many, if not most, honors students are given the privilege to register before any regularly enrolled students can.
We, the students of Canisius College’s All-College Honors Program, are hereby petitioning Canisius College’s administration to permit Honors undergraduates to register one day before the rest of the students in his or her class. We feel this request is a reasonable and cost-free way for the College not only to show support for its current Honors population, but also to utilize this registration benefit as a tool in helping recruit prospective students to Canisius College.
We urge Canisius College President John J. Hurley, Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Margaret C. McCarthy, and other members of the academic administration to hear and grant our appeal, one that we believe will benefit not just the future of the All-College Honors Program, but that of Canisius College as a whole.