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No electronic visit verification (EVV) for In-Home Supportive Service, (IHSS), in CA!!

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" I would like to state my own point of view, concerning EVV implementation.  I work as an IHSS provider, who takes care of her physically and mentally, severely impaired adult child 24 hours per day.  There are several IHSS providers that are in the same situation as I am....We are so busy that we even lack the time to protest or voice our distaste for this proposed imposition on our privacy and our disabled loved ones. If we have to document each task that we perform, we will be taking the quality care away from our recipient, plus many times, we are multi-tasking......What about the 2 or 3 times that we get up in the middle of the night to cover or reposition our loved one?? How can we document the hours that are written on our notice of action, when the NOAs are basically prorated and the hours and tasks are figured by a computer?? Lots of questions.....and I'm speaking on behalf of other IHSS providers who also work the 24/7 protective supervision hours, (who are more overwhelmed than I am). Oh, and what about the providers and clients that live too far away to receive decent phone or Internet service??"

It will be impossible to document each task, as many of the tasks that we perform run together. When we dress our recipients, and give them a bed bath, first, sometimes we wash the upper body, dry off, apply lotion, then dress. Then we proceed with the lower body. Diapering is a separate task. Dressing and bathing are separate tasks. Ridiculous!!! For myself, I might also be cooking a steamer full of vegetables. Multi-tasking, and Totally Impossible to document each task individually!! �

I also want to mention that it's basically impossible to document time/tasks, when we're in the process of providing care for our recipients who have severe mental/physical impairments. Most of us do our best to keep our client safe and avoid meltdowns......To stop what we're doing to write down something or make a phone call is Not acceptable!! �

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