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Add "Keijo" To Your Annual Sports Line Up

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For years, you have blessed the world with a number of video game series' celebrating our greatest competitive sports - such as FIFA, Madden and NBA Live; however, there is a glaring omission in your line-up (no it's not Dressage - that's not a sport. I'm looking at you International Olympic Committee!).

Keijo is an engaging sport with a long and celebrated cultural history, having been first developed by monks in the mountains of Tibe-I mean, nondescript Asian nations (wouldn't want to annoy China, eh Marvel?), yet for some reason, has been criminally ignored by the international sporting community; perhaps they're all thigh guys? I mean, there's nothing wrong with that, but...

To be honest EA, we're not asking for much. All we want is an annualised series of Keijo games, for you to give it more of a push than FIFA (because no one really likes football any more) and possibly get Sir David Attenborough as a commentator (failing that, Morgan Freeman is acceptable) - you can even release it early on EA Access or create a micro-transaction economy more stable than the European Union's!

Also, while you're at it, can you please unveil the NX? We're kinda getting impatient and it doesn't look like Nintendo will any time soon. K thnx babe.

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