Make African countries eligible for Fifa global series

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A Senegalese player just secured 28 Wins on FUT Champions this week and reached the top 100 on fifa 20 but he can't take part in the Fifa global series because he’s from Africa. Even a Ghanaian is among the 100, but he will not be recognized if nothing is done. Only Egypt and South Africa are eligible and this is a surprising and ridiculous situation, a lack of consideration that should change as soon as possible. African esport players have as much talent as any other players on the planet and we can't let things be as they are. EA should not limit access to global series to 2 African countries. They have to allow all african countries to participe in their video game tournaments.The servers in addition to being bad do not put us in the most favorable conditions when missing dedicated servers are lacking. If we cannot participate in the official tournaments that FIFA organises, how can we develop fifa and gaming in Africa in general ?

Gamers, gaming representatives, gaming actors, change actor it's time to make a difference so that EA can open its eyes and consider African gaming and know that there are talents on this continent who are waiting for opportunities to explode. Now is the time to bring awareness and to change things. Africa Gaming Matters !