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EA: Lootboxes are not good. Crowdfund your content instead.

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Star Wars fans are not happy. EA, your new game, Star Wars Battlefront 2, has micro-transactions, a loot box and gambling system, and ultimately, pay-to-win effects. I believe this boils down to one thing, of course: making money. While this is understandable, (you are a business), it will REALLY affect sales, popularity, and the overall effectiveness of the game. There are countless examples of not only recent games in general, but YOUR recent games, where an excellent game was ruined by the way you wanted to collect income. But I believe there’s a way not only make better money, but make fans and players much happier with you and Star Wars Battlefront 2. Instead of using micro- transactions to generate money, try this: 

You want money for future content? Have the FANS direct where they want the game to go. Present an option for a dlc or added content, and crowdfund it. For example, if you think character customization is what the fans will want, then have the fans fund the content. Say: okay, if you give us enough money to create player customization, we’ll create it. If that’s not what the fans want, they won’t fund it, and you move on to another idea. 

That way, you give your players the ability to shape the game, making us happy, and you still get income. Many games today have switched to crowdfunding, and it’s a really effective strategy. And I get the feeling many people will agree.

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