Battlefield 5: Respect historical accuracy

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Battlefield 5 is completely historically inaccurate and makes a mockery of WW2, while doing a dis-service to all those that fought in the process.

The trailer released 24/05/18 shows disabled female combatants along with other grievous and blatantly obvious historical inaccuracies even to those not well versed in WW2 history. 

Women played a vital role in WW2 such as on AA batteries, in Auxiliary forces, medical staff near the front line, resistance fighters, soviet snipers and pilots and more. However, they DID NOT fight on the front line with regular combatants on the western front as portrayed by EA DICE in their trailer. This is a blatant lie and not only serves to discredit history but also to gravely misinform the public. 

We do not take issue with female characters e.g. soviet snipers such as Lyudmila Mikhailovna Pavlichenko, however misrepresenting women in WW2 should not be allowed, furthermore EA should not be able to call Battlefield 5 a WW2 game with blatant historical inaccuracies. In no other form of media are you allowed to wholly misrepresent entire conflicts and go against the truth.

We call for a redesign of the game and trailer to be historically accurate, representing the HISTORICALLY ACCURATE AND TRUE amazing and brave contributions played by members of the armed forces during WW2 including ethnic minorities and women. Not just a slap dash falsehood which goes against historical fact. OR for Battlefield 5 to be re-branded as an alternate history game with no FACTUAL or REAL link to World War 2.