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Petition for a royal commission of a public inquiry into Tahfiz schools

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Early Thursday 14 September 2017, a fire broke out at a tahfiz school in Jalan Datuk Keramat [1]

The deceased are as follows

1. Muhammad Danieal Md Amin, 14
2. Ahmad Rijal Mohammad Rodzi, 13
3. Muhammad Hasrullah Ismaik, 14
4. Muhammad Haikal Abdullah, 12
5. Muhammad Aidil Aqmal Mohd Zamzuri, 10
6. Muhammaf Fahmie Abdullah, 11
7. Muhammad Afiq Haqimie Hairulizwan, 11
8. Muhammad Aiman Ramzanudin, 12
9. Azkar Dariemi F. Zaska, 8
10. Nik Muhammad Ridzuan Nik Azlan
11. Azkar Abiedi F. Zaska, 11
12. Umar Al Khatab Helmi, 6
13. Amiel Asyraaf Abd Rasid, 11
14. Muhammad Nizammudin Nasrun, 13
15. Muhammad Hafiz Iskandar Sulaiman, 11
16. Muhammad Harris Ikhwan Mohd Sulaiman, 10
17. Muhammad Taufik Hidayat Norazizan, 16
18. Ahmad Harith Adam Mohd Nor Hadi, 12
19. Muhammad Hazim Ahmad Nor, 13
20. Muhammad Syafik Haikal Abdullah, 13
21. Muhammad Zattulah Roslan, 11
22. Mohd Yusuf Md, 26 (teacher)
23. Mohd Amrul Nizam Sakarno, 25 (teacher)

While the event was a tragedy, it has also been reported that many of these schools are operating under dubious if not outright criminal conditions - some are without proper licenses, building permits and regards to occupational health and safety (OSHA) standards which are required by any institution.

As reported in The Star[2] in August, the Fire Department reports that over the past 5 years, over 200 fires have occurred at a number of these institutions. Despite numerous warnings, proper measures have not been taken, culminating in the tragic events of 14 September and the deaths of 23 innocent people.

We the undersigned, now call on the DYMM Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V [3], as the religious leader of the country, and The Government of Malaysia to form a royal commission for a public inquiry into the licensing, management and operations of these schools and hold accountable every person culpable for the deaths of the above human beings. To honour those names listed above, and prevent the addition of more names to the list.

Children are the future of the nation, and if we do not act now, there may be more tragedies waiting to happen.


[1] The Star, Thursday 14th September 2017

[2] The Star, Monday 7th August, 2107

[3] The Star, 14th September 2017

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