Convert open air museum Beamish's working farm into an animal sanctuary

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Popular open air museum Beamish runs a working farm as part of their attractions.  

The animals that are kept for profit and entertainment include horses, 5 dairy cows, sheep and pigs. 

The horses are tied to a very short leash in a tiny stable with barely any room to move.

5 dairy cows are chained to a wall in a cramped and dirty barn, and their calves are locked away from them so they can't drink their milk. 

All animals are sent to slaughter at a very young age after a short life of imprisonment. More often than not their slaughterd  bodies are also "fed back" into the museums cafes. 

These innocent animals could be free and live out their natural life span happily as families and herds. Instead they are used and exploited to make money. 

There is no justification for this cruelty and no need for it to continue. 

Please sign and help us give these animals what should already be theirs - freedom and the right to their life.