No More Assessments for Disabled People with conditions that are not going to improve.

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I am a man who is registered disabled with a Disease that is never going to improve and over time will get worse.  Fifteen years ago i needed no help walking and no help looking after myself.  I am now in a situation where i depend on Calipers to balance me and keep me upright, A palm crutch to also help me to balance and a padded glove so that i can hold the palm crutch.  I take medication to try and help with the pain, medication to help with the symptoms of other conditions and medication to help me to cope with the changes i have had to accept in my daily life due to the conditions i have listed below.   I am also unable to dress myself properly, wash myself, prepare food or prepare my own medication.

The conditions i have are CMT (Charcott Marie Tooth 1a), Hypothyroidism, GERD, Anxiety and Depression and Vitamin D Defiiciency.  One of these condiitions (CMT) will never improve and is getting worse with each year and yet still i have to sufffer the indignity of goinng to an assessment where i have to prove that i need the help that i am requesting.

I would like the DWP and the government to take into account all the people who are in the same position as me and find it demeaning and embarrassing to have to convince a complete stranger in a 1 hour interview how our disabilities affect us on a day to day basis.  PIP is a benefit for disabled people and yet the amount of genuine disabled people who deserve this money who get turned down or put on lower rates because one person has decided that 'in their opinion' they are not entitled to it is astounding and criminal.

I think that there should be a change that allows people with conditions that are only going to get worse to be exempt from these humiliating experiences.  Treat us with some dignity and respect, after all we did not ask to be disabled