United Expats of The Netherlands - honor 30% ruling for CURRENT expats. #aDEALisaDEAL

United Expats of The Netherlands - honor 30% ruling for CURRENT expats. #aDEALisaDEAL

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Staatssecretaris van Financiën Menno Snel

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Started by mike arthur

A deal is a deal.

On January 1, 2019, the Dutch government proposes implementing a change regarding the "30% Ruling". The "30% Ruling" is a tax policy which is considered compensation for expenses that highly skilled expats incur when working outside their home country. This ruling is currently guaranteed for a maximum of 8 years (or 10 years if granted before January 1, 2012).

However, this guarantee made by the Dutch government to thousands of skilled expats may no longer be honored.

The new proposal by the Dutch government is to not only change the length to 5 years, but as reported by numerous media outlets, this proposed 5 year limit is set to apply to current expats as well, regardless of the previous promises made.

This sudden and unexpected potential policy change will negatively impact thousands of skilled expats in the Netherlands - people who have made life decisions around the expectation that the government would keep their commitment to their 30% rulings.

We need to act now to make sure our voices are heard by those in the Dutch government who will make the final decision.

Please sign our petition to the Dutch government to ensure they protect those people who are relying on the government to keep the deal they made.

To quote Prime Minister Rutte, "A deal is a deal".

Interested to learn more or to join the movement? Please visit www.adealisadeal.nl, or the United Expats of The Netherlands Facebook page and GoFundMe campaign.

53,676 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!