End the Durham Jail's Contract with Correct Care Solutions

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We call for the Durham County Commission to end its contract with Correct Care Solutions (CCS) for medical services at the Durham Jail. Durham detainees are entitled to equitable care, and CCS has severely mismanaged their duties. Further we demand that the county end the use of private contractors, such as CCS, for medical services in the Jail and have the Durham County Department of Public Health take over direct management of detainee healthcare.


More info on why we need to kick out CCS:

How Does Healthcare Work in the Durham County Jail?

Correct Care Solutions (CCS) provides medical services in the Durham County jail. CCS is a private company with an annual reported revenue of over 500 million dollars per year.

People in jail have to pay $20 to see a provider. If a person cannot pay, a hold is placed on their account, meaning that any money added to their account by a loved one will be docked.

Why CCS Has Got to Go

  • 6 people have died in the Durham County jail in the past 5 years
  • CCS has a record of severe medical neglect in Durham and around the country - over 140 lawsuits are pending against them
  • Jail contractors are parasites profiting off of incarcerated people
  • Everyone in Durham deserves good healthcare
  • CCS is not accountable to Durham residents

The Durham Public Health Department should manage health care at the jail

  • The Durham Public Health Department already administers public health clinics. They are directly accountable to the public. 
  • Why pay over $3 million dollars per year to CCS, a Tennessee-based for-profit corporation, when we could keep that money here locally in the Durham economy?
  • While managing healthcare this way may be more expensive, providing adequate care is imperative! To reduce costs, the number of people inside should be reduced. Don’t seek savings on the backs of the poor and incarcerated.

Help us kick CSS out of the jail! - What you can do:

  • The county’s current contract with CCS expires on June 30th, 2018. Contact the Durham County Commissioners and demand that they cancel the county’s contract with CSS and replace it with care provided by the Durham Public Health Department.
  • Please sign this petition!

Inmates’ experiences of Medical Neglect at the Jail

“Here are several individual issues that have happened since my incarceration at DCJ. All are [examples] of how [Correct Care Solutions] DCJ’s medical contractor neglects the inmates:

  1. A guy requested medical for 3 days straight & was not seen until he passed out.
  2. A woman’s swollen knee, which appeared to have fluid in it, was neglected for several weeks. Once the pain became unbearable she was treated with Tylenol & a heat pack for 2-3 days. She was more than likely charged for her treatment.
  3. A woman who thought she had a UTI was turned down for the treatment because she could not pay the $20 co-pay (no funds on her books). Later she discovered her urine was discolored because of her diabetes, which was at a very high level & was developed inside DCJ. She could have died from neglect & mistreatment of DCJ medical.
  4. A young girl, age 17, went to medical due a torn hernia. She was treated with Tylenol & because the pain was so severe, she got an X-ray. Once the doctor confirmed it was a torn hernia, she was told they couldn’t do anything for her.
  5. I recently had pain in my right shoulder due to the thin mats & metal we have to lie on. I was treated with Tylenol & a heat pack for two days & was not told in the medical room that I would be charged $20. I went on a Tuesday. They stopped giving me the treatment after Wednesday evening. All day Thursday my arm continued to ache. Friday morning I discovered that I owed $17 because of my trip to medical, which I rushed to finish speaking to my attorney to go to.” - Conscience Mind (April 10, 2018)

For many more accounts from inmates on medical neglect, see https://amplifyvoices.com/tag/medical-inattention/