Say NO to the Proposed ROMF near Creekside Elementary

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There is a proposed Rail Operations and Maintenance Facility (ROMF) planned on Farrington Road in Durham, NC. This is a residential area and the desire is to change the zoning from residential to industrial for the proposed ROMF. The facility would be less than 0.25 miles from Creekside Elementary and right across I-40 from Prescott Place and close to other surrounding neighborhoods.

We are requesting that the zoning of that area not be changed from residential to industrial and that the proposed ROMF be placed somewhere else in Durham or Orange County, assuming the Light Rail Project is fully funded and approved.

Personal story
There are over 850 students that attend Creekside Elementary whose daily learning would be negatively impacted from the noise, traffic and pollution that the proposed ROMF would bring. There are nearby residential neighborhoods that would also be negatively impacted from the noise pollution and traffic, as well as decreased home values. There are estimated daily occurrences of decibel levels reaching up to 106 dBA ocurring all throughout the day, night and early morning hours.  This noise level is similar to a jet plane flyover at 1,000 feet.  These noise levels would pose constant and significant interruptions for Creekside students trying to learn.  Surrounding home values would also be greatly diminished as nobody wants to live near a facility that produces screeching noises at all times of the day.  This area is and should remain a residential area suitable for our children to attend school.  Nearby homeowners also should not bear the burden of devalued homes that would result from shifting the zoning of this area from residential to industrial.

Thank you for making our children's education and the financial well-being of Durham citizens an integral part of your decision in this matter.