Bring Back the Pillow Soft Sweet Deliciousness That Is the Chocolate Creme Filled Doughnut

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Recently, Dunkin Donuts has discontinued the Chocolate Creme Filled (CCF) doughnut here in North Florida. Normally things like this would not bother me. However, I have a very emotional connection to this doughnut. It was one of the first sweet things I could actually taste after completing chemotherapy and radiation for Stage 4 Oral Cancer. It took 2 more years for my taste to come back for other sweet notes but the CCF was here for me very early in the healing process. Not Vanilla Creme. Not Boston Creme. Not even the cool pudding filled tender delight that is the Bavarian Creme. Nope. CCF had my back. Now it has been cast out of the magical pink and orange Land of Coffee and Crullers. 

The worst part is they throw away the CCF and bring in other items like the Brownie Batter filled doughnut with crumbs of brownie dust on top. And the Chocolate Mint doughnut that looks like its topped with minty fresh toothpaste. Nobody wants that. Then the other day I go in my local DD and they have started calling them weird names like Angel Kisses or Cloud Nine or something weird like that. I had to actually ask "Is that just Vanilla Creme filled?" And it was. 

Fancy doughnuts are fine. I know a lot of cool people who work very hard and make a good living off of lemon zest doughnuts with strawberry basil glaze. Complete with a sprig of basil stuck to the glaze. It is lovely. It really is. But I just want a damn doughnut that I don't have to think real hard about what is in it. I want a tender, powdered sugar coated, chocolate frosting filled pastry of love. I want my CCF!

Now, I'm not the only one out here wondering how the heck that decision was made. So many of my friends have expressed the the CCF is also their favorite doughnut. I've talked to at least a dozen (no pun intended) DD employees who say that the CCF was a good seller and they don't know why it would be taken off the menu. And yes, one even recommended I start petition. So here it is.

If you love the CCF or if you love how much I love the CCF, please sign this petition.  Dunking Donuts must give the people what they want!