Alternate weekend fixtures in Dublin Camogie and Gaelic Football to protect dual players.

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From under 14 onwards Girls, who play Gaelic football and Camogie in Dublin, are expected to play matches in both codes each weekend. In contrast the Boys play 1 match each weekend alternating between hurling and football.

In a time when there is so much media attention paid to the reasons why girls give up sports around this age we feel that this is a glaringly obvious cause. For example, at u14 for their Summer timetable, our dual players will be asked to play football at 7.30 on Friday evenings and then Camogie the following day at 12 noon – 2 matches in 18 hours! Most girls love both the sports. Why pressure them to choose one over the other by making it impossible to play both?!

We oppose the continuation of this calendar and request that the Dublin LGFA and Camogie governing bodies get together to copy the boys model for the following reasons...
1.   It’s a health and safety issue for dual players. Our better players are likely to play both, be involved with schools and Dublin development camps and be asked to supplement older teams short on players. They are much more likely to get injured or develop long term problems by carrying knocks and strains into their second game of the weekend.
2.   Girls get burnt out or lose interest leading to the folding of teams and the loss of more players.
3.    It’s an imposition on mentors who often manage both codes and often are involved with other teams.
4.    It’s an imposition on parents who must give their whole weekend to sport if they wish to support their daughter.
5.    More teams would survive if they could call on girls from a lower age group who have only played one match that weekend of their own.
6.    Change would ease pressure on pitch availability.
7.    Change would encourage more clubs to play both codes if they do not already do so.

It seems ludicrous to have to demand equality for girls from organisations for girls. From nursery level up, Mentors put huge time and effort into teaching girls the skills of camogie and football - lets not waste their labour. Every year we have been listening to people give out about the current situation.  For the sake of our players lets change it!