Put down Toontown: Project Altis from being greenlit on steam.

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Toontown: Project Altis is a server created by Dubito and Drew or originally made by Dank Mickey, Josh Zimmer and Swag Foreman.

During it's release, it reached a lot of players playing the server, which got a lot of players actually excited.

However, Toontown: Project Altis is on Steam Greenlight and because of this, it's going to close down every Toontown server like Toontown Rewritten, Toontown Operation Dessert Storm AND Toontown Fellowship as well as other Toontown expansions that don't count as a server such as Toontown Offline and Toontown Infinite Single Player.

Why should we stop Altis from being greenlit?

  1. Because Altis does not have 100% rights to put the server on Steam as you can't put a game that you 100% don't own as like it's content and code, no matter what code you have, DIFFERENT OR NOT, it's still not allowed.
  2. Disney owns the rights for Toontown Online, Altis doesn't, they just revived it for players to enjoy but however for the staff, they just wanna be BIG and have everything on their pocket which everyone knows that no one can claim and have everything in the world.

No matter what Altis does for this server, revenue or not, things will go deep down to perish.


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