Build a Bore for Euchareena Urgently

Build a Bore for Euchareena Urgently

8 December 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Fleur Magick

We are a village of people in NSW, Australia without water!!

My name is Fleur Magick Dennis and I’m a wife and mother of four school aged children.

We are from a rural village in NSW called Euchareena. Our closest major centre is Orange, NSW but we come under Dubbo Shire Council.

Our town water supply dried up over 12 months ago and we are now all carting water by truck loads to our homes.  It is not a sustainable solution for us to continue to rely on water cartage for our daily household use and drinking water.

Dubbo Council have promised a bore but have not given us a date of commencement of construction of this bore or estimated completion time.  This bore needs to be fast tracked when there is a whole village of families including children without water.

We are currently struggling to survive on 100 litres per person per day and this summer there is no way for our children to get cool. We have no air condition and no insulation on our home and all the creeks and the dam are dry. Currently Dubbo residents are allocated 280 litres per person per day!

We are concerned that there is very limited water to protect us in case of fire. A bore would also help to remedy this situation by providing a secure water supply to run the sprinklers on our fire evacuation centre.

We are petitioning to ask that DPI and the Minister of Water, NSW and Dubbo council work together to commence construction of this bore immediately so that we can be assured that our governments care about providing us with the basic human right of water to survive.

Please help us to survive by giving us and our children the basic human right of water for drinking and household use!

PS. If you would like to assist our family personally here is a link to our water fundraiser:





Support now
Signatures: 260Next goal: 500
Support now

Decision makers

  • Melinda Pavey
  • Dubbo Shire Council
  • Department of Primary Industries NSW
  • Minister for Water NSW