Stop Drury School Possum Hunt

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In 2017 Drury School received global media attention due to the inhumane drowning of baby possums (joeys) at a school fundraiser. Despite this, they continue to hold school possum hunts. This year the possum hunt is being held between 27th June and 30th June 2019 

While Drury School have worked with the SPCA and said that no more joeys will be drowned, it still remains a death fest. We want Drury School to cancel the event.

Possum hunts teach young children that killing animals and glorifying in thier deaths through prize givings and other games is a good thing. While possums are classified as 'pests' in New Zealand, the involvement of young children in thier killing is problematic. It is short-sighted and will affect the development of empathy and compassion for all living beings. 

Professor Emeritus of  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Marc Bekoff has spoken out about how school possum hunts can impact on chilren: "The effect it has would be to desensitise them from the feelings that these animals have. It's also a good example of human domination of the environment". Children may be traumatised through being involved in what is essentially a violent event.

The possums themselves are held in no regard, and are killed through shooting, trapping and blunt force trauma, and the disposal of thier joeys through stomping on them.

School possum hunts are also condemned by Jane Goodall and the SPCA. The Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand says: "The negative effects of these activities are two fold: firstly, the inhumane treatment of the animals and secondly, the detrimental impact such activities and messaging has on developing minds in relation to their connection to other living things. Involving young children, who are in the process of developing their personal values, in possum hunts and the activities included in these events, is harmful. Undertaking these events in an educational context this is inappropriate."

Please raise your voice and join conservation experts and to tell Drury School that school possum hunts are not acceptable in today's world. Please see links below on the effect of these kind of events on children and also the event at Drury School where the joeys were drowned.

This petition will be sent to the Board of Trustees Drury School and the principal Mrs Robyn Malcolm.