Postpone All Exams in light of Coronavirus Pandemic #PostponeExams

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared a pandemic, and all educational institutions have been shut down in India until 31st March, 2020. 

However, most exams are still being conducted as per schedule. I am currently preparing the JEE mains which are to be held in April. Examination centres will have so many children, making them all vulnerable to virus. Sign my petition.

Students are going to stand in queues outside the centres. Even though social distancing precautions mention that students should be at a distance of 1 meter from each other, it is still dangerous. There is contact with people at different stages, be in the examiner checking your admit card, so using the same computers in the case of JEE entrance exams. Students often need to travel to different cities to reach the examination centres, thus exposing themselves and the elders they travel with.

If coaching centres and schools are being closed, why are we students being put at risk and being asked to take these examinations. We are days away from reaching Stage 3 of this pandemic, and need to take all the precautions that we can. 

Sign my petition asking for all examinations, be it school, college or entrance exams to be postponed until the situation stabilises. Any student catching the virus in the examination hall will carry it home, infecting more and more people.

I am sure the authorities will take note of this, and will find a solution and not risk the lives of so many students. #PostponeExams