Rise of the Guardians Sequel

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Rise of the Guardians is one of the most touching and amazing movies I have ever watched. With awesomely designed characters, their stories and personalities, to the beautiful graphics of this movie, it's no wonder it's such a hit. Anyone I can ask about the movie will say that it's such a great movie. It makes all that we believed in as a child come to life right before our eyes, and not in a way we would of expected. I hope I can get plenty of people interested in this. 

I think what the sequel should include, (if it's a decision that will ever be made by Dreamworks,) backstories to the other characters. What I mean by this is their deaths and what they did to become a guardian. We see Jack's backstory which is quite sad, but the other characters are just mysteries. I've been making my own personal notes and story that I think would make a great sequel and it stays in tune to the first, so I'm not a fangirl that writes fanfictions, I write stories that are true to the dimension of that particular work. I hope that this will be taken into consideration and not tossed out, it's my favorite movie, and I do believe Jamie should see Jack again. It is indeed  children's movie and although I am not a child, it's even great for adults and teens such as myself. This movie took these characters to a new level, and I never thought that they would work together. I do believe that Sandy needs more screen time as he was not with us in most of the first movie. I do believe that the rest of the lovers of this movie will stand behind me that the amazing people who made the first movie can definitely pull off a sequel very successfully. Please, please put this into consideration. Many people would be very happy.