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Make A Megamind 2 Movie Sequel

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Megamind is a really awesome yet underrated family friendly movie. To be honest I never knew this movie existed until a month ago. After watching it I couldn't help but wonder why there was no sequel to this movie. It had everything, it was funny, entertaining, unique, and the characters were great with diverse personalities. Megamind himself was enough of a reason to make a sequel as his personality and characteristics were second to none. Even the short that was released titled "Button Of Doom" was a huge success as was the original movie, and still no sequel. Even though this movie is 6 years old now there are still millions of fans of it just like me that are still asking for, and highly anticipating a sequel to it.

The movie was a box office hit, grossing over $321 million worldwide, and the Blu-Ray disc featuring the short "Megamind: The Button Of Doom" was the 7th best-selling DVD of 2011 with over 3 million units and total sales of $43 million. It was the sixth highest-grossing animated film from 2010 worldwide, and it also became the second highest-grossing superhero comedy film. Even though it may not have been the best box office film released in Dreamwork's staggering career of animated films, it was certainly number one in the hearts of many, and it nearly tripled it's original budget so I would call that a definite success. I'm sure if there were more advertising, toys, and movie memorabilia showcased around the time of it's release it would have been even more of a success.

I am hoping that I can get enough signatures to show Dreamworks Animation that Megamind doesn't deserve to be tossed on the back burner forever. This is an amazing movie, and we'd love another. I hope that by gaining enough supporters Dreamworks will consider creating another movie for all of us die-hard fans.

 Please show your support, and leave a message and your signature showing Dreamworks that Megamind has Megafans, and would love to see the caped blue, brilliant superhero on the big screen again.

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