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Bring Back The Croods 2!

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Animation is one of the Biggest loves of mine.  Anyone who knows me will know this.  Every year I wonder what new creations I can expect to see and over time the studio's work I looked forward to seeing most was that of DreamWorks.  In 2013, I saw 'The Croods'.  I wasn't sure what I would get and didn't hold any expectations, and then.........I was blown AWAY! 

Never had something struck me this deeply or reignited my love of this genre so powerfully - all in one film.  Not only visually, the story, characters, morals - ALL of it was relatable. I only saw it once in cinemas, but it was the first film I thought of out of all the movies I saw in 2013.  And you can be sure I bought the film the day it was released to DVD!  I even own the art book of the film 'The Art Of The Croods'.

That same year, they announced the sequel - with the original main cast set to return.  I knew I wouldn't be seeing the film for at least 4 years - possibly longer, but I had no doubt it was worth it.  I had never anticipated a sequel this much, but I wasn't worried about how it would stack up to its predecessor.  The number one thing you can count on with DreamWorks - they try their damn hardest at successors to the original work!  (If 'How To Train Your Dragon' and 'Kung Fu Panda' are anything to go by!)

Then, they announced the movie was pushed back by a month, then 2 months, then pushed even further back to the following year.  It frustrated me to no end, but I kept thinking the end result would be worth it.  Finally, they made one more announcement.......they were cancelling the production altogether.  After 3 and a half years of work and no more than a little over a year before its scheduled release, they pulled the plug.  First of all, I'm not blaming anybody - I've read up on how the staff at DreamWorks were having problems creatively with the project and that the transition of partnership from 20th Century Fox to Universal Pictures wasn't a smooth one and certainly didn't help.  But all that work suddenly put aside, not to mention all the employees on the production suddenly out of a job! 

If this project needs more time, be it months or years - so be it.  I want it to be able to flourish as much as it can.  But please, don't let a magnum opus like this sit in the back of a file never to return!  That would be the biggest loss to both DreamWorks and Universal.

To anyone who can say animation changed, affected or/and amazed them, please extend that love to others who feel the same.

To all those who worked on the first film and the unfinished second - your work does affect others, so much more than you realise.  I wouldn't have started up this petition otherwise.

To DreamWorks and Universal Pictures - I and all those who sign below want you to reconsider and produce 'The Croods 2'

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