Make A Movie About Jack Frost (Rise Of The Guardians) and Elsa (Frozen) Love Interest.

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Salutations to all you Jelsa fans out there! 

I strongly believe that Jack Frost from Rise Of The Guardians and Elsa from Frozen will make a cute and lovely couple! I know that Dream Works and Disney are two separate companies competing with each other, but what about the two companies teaming together and making a big hit and bucks! Ask yourself, why would Jack and Elsa make a great couple? First, they have similar powers. They can both relate to each other and overcome fear. Think about all the things they can accomplish as team! They can build ice sculptures and Elsa can teach Jack how to sing. Jack can help Elsa learn to have some fun. They can defeat Pitch or Hans together. Maybe Hans and Pitch can team up to destroy Arendelle and the guardians, but obviously lose miserably. Also, maybe Toothiana can become jealous of Elsa and team up with Hans to get rid of her, but love conquers all. Pitch can trick Hans and Toothiana into working together just so he can put revenge on the guardians. (Maybe Hans and Toothiana can fall in love) Even Princess Anna can become a bit jealous too or Elsa can ask for some advice about her relationship with Jack. Anyway, (back to Jelsa,) Jack could tell Elsa that he was always been there for her. Then, he can get a flashback of him watching Elsa play with Anna as a child and following them to the trolls. He watches over Elsa as she isolates herself to protect her sister and witnesses the ball and when Elsa runs away. He watched her as she made a castle and you get the point. The only problem is, how could she see him. Maybe that's a job for the man in the moon or she can somehow believe in the guardians. Jack and Elsa can look after each other and the whole kingdom from Pitch or another villain. Even if this is not Frozen 2, just somehow please make a movie about this couple however way you want to. Even if there's a heart break- that's when Anna comes in to her sister's aid.

In addition, I think Jack Frost and Elsa will make a really cute and lovely couple! A movie about their love will drive fans crazy and who knows, from personal experiences, you'll win some fans back too! So, what do you say, everyone? Please sign this petition and make this little girl (well, not so little girl anymore...) happy! Please sign and share! Also, hashtag everywhere: #JELSA4EVER

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