Dragon Quest XI Fairness for PS4/PC fans

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Dragon Quest  XI came out in December for global fans, a year after release in Japan, on PS4 and PC. Now an announcement has been made that it will be released on Switch but with added content for Switch players that PS4 and PC players don't have, the main  feature being to marry or live with any of your companions.

This feature is the main thing that fans wanted but instead of adding a DLC for the players that bought, pre ordered, praised, talked about and voted for it, it's switch only, forcing fans to not only buy the game anew but in some cases an entire console.

This is beyond unfair, we were the champions of this game, we are it's lovers and we are being left out on what we wanted when a version that never would have been released without our love for the game is getting the feature we longed for the most. This is happening in gaming more and more with multi platform releases and it isn't right.

Games mean a lot to the players, for myself who is autistic and suffers from anxiety disorders and physical difficulties, they are my only escape. Being left out on something I and so many others wanted is a disgusting betrayal of our support and enthusiasm.