President of TPUSA FIU and others should step down. End Rape Culture & Racism.

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Dear FIU Students,

Recently there has been news in the Miami New Times that certain memes are being shared among students depicting rape culture and violence against women via a chat. Racial comments that expressed the aggressive grapple of Latinas and their deportation, the use of an Anti-Defamation League designated hate symbol, "Pepe the Frog," and the warning not to use the "N" word too often, are examples of concerning dialog used. This type of behavior is appalling and contributes to both the perpetuation of rape culture and racism that radiates its harmful effects into society at large.

Students at FIU call for the president of Turning Point to step down. At no point in time should our ability to receive an education be threatened by the idea that students within our own classrooms see violence against women and racism as a laughing matter. We hope that Florida International University acts towards ending this kind of behavior which casts an unfavorable light onto its community. Please sign this petition if you believe in ending this type of harmful sexist and racist behavior at university campuses.

Best Regards,

Linda Guillotti | President NOW FIU