Save the Fall Harvest tradition on 10/31 at the Elementary Schools in District 719.

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Halloween/Fall Harvest is recognized all over the world and is a huge part of American tradition. With of the creativity of the staff and parents, together we can provide an educational and fun experience for the Halloween/Fall Harvest tradition to continue on October 31st at the Elementary Schools in the Prior Lake - Savage School District. Be the voice of our elementary children! It’s important to our children’s social learning that our elementary schools provide community traditions. By doing so we also give children a reason to want to run to school - not run home from it!

Signing this petition shows your support in holding onto the tradition and providing our children with the memories of celebrating the Halloween/Fall Harvest tradition on October 31st at all Elementary Schools in the Prior Lake - Savage School District.Be your child’s voice. Exercise your partnership with our elementary schools and let’s work together in keeping the tradition alive.