Dear ZEE, Don't Discontinue Pakistani Shows on Zindagi Channel

Dear ZEE, Don't Discontinue Pakistani Shows on Zindagi Channel

25 September 2016
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Zindagi channel , an initiative of ZEE Enterprises Entertainment Limited was recently announced for shut down of Pakistani programs by ZEE’s head Dr Subhash Chandra who is also a serving Rajya Sabha Member of Indian Parliament.  Dr. Chandra has spoken about this and also tweeted in this regard as a confirmation.

Zindagi channel, started in the year 2014 had eventually became very popular among Indian audiences. Being branded with ‘Jodo Dilon Ko’ slogan , Zindagi was first premier channel that brought Pakistani serials in India first time.  With such initiative, Zindagi had received a special place among Indian channels and many features, opinions were written about the channel. However what was more important is that the channel brought these serials to India and people accepted it with open heart. It also played a role in breaking stereotypes and misconceptions about Pakistani society and people. Channel established the fact that people on both sides are same and their culture is shared. Start of the channel was also seen different and special due to the risk of ‘acceptance’ because of ‘pakistani’ contents, however this risk was transformed in profit and TRP with Indian people.

Through this petition, We, Aaghaz-e-Dosti , an Indo-Pak Friendship Initiative appeal to ZEE group to kindly change their decision to stop Pakistani contents on the Zindagi channel. We appeal this for the reason that all forms of arts and music should be allowed to flow everywhere without any restrictions. Any relations or conflict between the states should not hamper relations of people and bridges of arts and music. We also believe that as Indian people are accepting the channel contents and even welcoming it, ZEE should just play a role of content provider to its viewers. Also, the decision is not given by government or judiciary and therefore also seems lacks of rationality.

We request you to let the channel continue with its Pakistani contents and do not impose ‘political’ ideology upon this corporate initiative. Prime Minister of India also affirmed his belief in talks and peaceful resolution and even he has not suggested any such moves to restrict Pakistani artists.


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This petition had 79 supporters

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