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Expose the secrecy surrounding Unacknowledged Special Access Programs

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Unacknowledged Special Access Programs

Global Warming (AKA Climate Change), Geoengineering (AKA Cemtrails), Helping feed the under privileged of the world, and the list goes on… We all receive requests from our social networks asking us to support and sign a petition or get involved.  All of these are deeply important to the sender and deliver a strong message of solidarity to the group or individuals responsible for the wrong doings.

 Without sounding like your typical Cliché, How can you help Change the World? The key to change comes from your participation from sharing and nothing more. The exposure of the secrecy surrounding Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAP) is the key to releasing a technology that can and will change the world dramatically.

There are two simple steps that require very little of your time. You can even choose to eat popcorn during this activity! How exciting is that?

Step One

Step one, if you’re not familiar with USAP, is to watch a 2-minute YouTube video.  (see link below) For over 70 years now, after reverse engineering advanced technologies, scientists have redeveloped the technology under the cover of USAP’s.  This highly advanced technology will eliminate our need for oil, coal or gas and will provide the world with an unlimited source of non-polluting power.  With this technology you will never need to purchase gas for your automobile or pay a power bill to heat or cool your home.  This technology will end any and all pollution World Wide. Will help stop Global Weather Change. Will feed the poor with sustainable local agriculture practices in any formidable place on this planet. Will and can provide endless clean drinking water at any location in the world.  Will end Geopolitical Wars and help move trillions of dollars back into the economies of the World to help support positive growth and much more…

Sounds too good to be True? This may sound like a grandiose technology that is unrealistic but it does exist and has existed for over 70 years. All that is required is your support to bring awareness to the majority of the population.

Step one is watch this short 2-minuet video.  

 If you like the introduction you can watch the full Documentary “Unacknowledged” by Dr. Steven Greer on Netflix for FREE or find it online. Unacknowledged is rated as the number trending Documentary on Netflix today!

 Step Two

Be part of the movement and share this Petition, or the video link, with everyone in your contact list or Social Media networks.  The Petition will be sent to Dr. Steven Greer to support the cause to bring public awareness to this extremely important issue.

Why share?  As a collective group we can and will create Change. Simply stated, there is power in numbers.  The more people that become aware of an issue the stronger the support both on the public level and Governmental level become. The goal is to reach One Million plus people over the coming months. Please be part of this movement.

Will we be holding hands and singing Kumbaya once we reach a million strong? Probably not, but hopefully, in time, we can quietly hum the tune to ourselves as people start to realize there is a solution to the many of the challenges facing the world day-to-day.  We can change our world; all we need to do is work together for a common goal.  All you have to do is share this petition or share the YouTube video.  That’s it!

This Petition is about taking back a technology “we the people” rightfully own.

If you enjoyed the Documentary also drop by Dr. Steven Greer’s website at for more information.

Know the Truth, Share the Truth, Be the Change – Gregory L. Truman





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