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Increase the budget allotted for public hospitals

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Administrative Order no. 2012-0012 states rules and classifications of hospitals in general, including public and private. It is stated that some Republic Acts including RA 4226 collide with the idea of the lowest classifications of hospitals thus resulting in the creation of a new classification to comply and uphold the goal of the RA 4226 and the rest which is to ensure safe, quality and affordable facilities and services. This Republic Act tries to ensure quality hospitals but does not ensure the availability of a public hospital in every community.

Let us have a general recap on our country, the Philippine’s state concerning public health including various problems regarding health care. Some places in our country sure have public hospitals, but with incomplete services. This causes special cases like cases needing specific expensive equipments and apparatus to turn to private hospitals. What about the families who have enough for their daily expenses? These families are forced to consult the services of private hospitals but if they can’t afford it, they choose to endure rather than finding a cure. In some places, these public hospitals with incomplete services also have bad maintenance. They have comfort rooms for the sake of having one and treatment of patients are below a satisfactory level just because staff don’t receive enough payment from them. And at the extremities, some underdeveloped places compared to the majority of areas in the Philippines don’t even have doctors, much less hospitals. In the 2013 Tacloban disaster, we received aid from the Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). Their regional emergency coordinator Anne taylor said that remote areas haven’t received treatment because of the limited medical services. She also said that only a few kilometers in their station, Tolosa for example, a single medical post is for a population of 55,000 (Libessart, Yann (MSF) (2013)).

We live in a time when Manila represents the whole country. Having developed hospitals in Manila signifies having developed hospitals in the whole country which is a very wrong line of thought. Health is one of the most important variable in a country yet it is being ignored continuously. Especially in a country ran by democracy, the voices of the people should be heard the most. We should help other people who die because they lack money for consultation, the people who die because they lack access to medication. As long as there are people who die this way, we fail to uphold the main purpose of hospitals.

This brought us to the reason why we petition Dr. Pauline Jean B. Rosell-Ubial as the Department of Health (DOH) secretary to increase the budget allotted for public hospitals. This would then be used to form a team composed of transparent and trusted individuals to specifically handle the facilitation of public hospitals. They would focus on the spreading of health care services in the form of public hospitals nationwide and not just in Manila, the facilitation and continuous maintenance of public hospitals, and the development down to the equipments necessary to qualify the hospital as a level 1 hospital. For the individuals to be included in the team, we trust  the judgement of the office of the DOH secretary.

We need your help by signing our petition to increase the budget allotted for public hospitals, to help the majority of the citizens of the Philippines achieve a better quality of health care and help them establish their first health care facility in the community. It does not mean that if it does not happen around you, it does not happen at all.


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