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Petitioning Superintendent, Summit, New Jersey Dr. Nathan Parker and 3 others

End the "zero tolerance" policy for parent drop-offs and unannounced visits

Parent drop-offs should be minimized in the Summit, NJ school district, but parents of younger children and older special needs children need to be able to drop off forgotten items at their child's school within reason. It is important to cut down outsider traffic at Summit schools, but parents are NOT outsiders and have the right to access public schools as long as they are not causing a disturbance. Parents should have the right to drop off items occasionally, and if students have repeated item drop-offs, they should be disciplined to reinforce responsibility.

We are requesting that they end this "zero tolerance" policy and institute a less intrusive pilot program where parent school access is monitored closely. We further request access to the data which indicated that almost 400 parents signed in to the high school on one particular day, as multiple parents and staff have indicated that this number is out of proportion for the vast majority of school days, and we would like to see proof that all of those visitors were parents.

Letter to
Superintendent, Summit, New Jersey Dr. Nathan Parker
Director of Special Education Services, Summit, New Jersey Dr. Jane Kachmar-Desonne
Athletic Director, Summit, New Jersey Robert Lockhart
and 1 other
Mayor, Summit, New Jersey Ellen Dickson
End the "zero tolerance" policy for parent drop-offs and unannounced visits