Saturday's Off for Khyber Girls Medical College

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Hello everyone,

I speak on behalf of my classmates, seniors, and future students of Khyber girls Medical College when I say we need Saturdays off. 

I am a first year student here at KGMC Peshawar, a college affiliated with its main branch, Khyber Medical University. As medical school students we have very hectic schedules, mostly consisting of studying. The curriculum is intense for each year with a big load on students to prepare for our weekly exams, keep up with daily classes, and complete assignments. 

We get one day off each week, Sunday, but that is not enough for our deflated stamina and decreasing mental health. Many of my classmates reside in hostels and are away from their families for months on end, even though their homes are only two or three hours away. With an extra day off these girls will have the time to spend their weekends with their loved ones while not putting an impact on their class attendance by requesting special leaves. 

The burden of a heavy course load, with weekly exams known as stages, and lack of time to study has greatly impacted the mental health of me and my classmates. It feels impossible to keep up, and with only a one day weekend, it is almost impossible. We feel burdened with no time to prepare for internal assessments , we feel lonely with no time to spare for friends and family, and In order to make time to study for upcoming exams we often skip school days, jeopardizing our attendance. 

We can keep up, and we do, but it comes at the expense of our sleep, our time with family, and our overall mental health. Having Saturday's off will increase the productivity of students while also allowing them to relax and make time for themselves. 

Our main branch, KMC, has Saturdays off and with school timings 8 a.m - 3 p.m. Our timings are 8 a.m - 2 p.m. With just one extra hour added to each day and giving Saturday off we can help students feel better in all aspects of their medical school journey and help them become great, confident doctors. 

So please, to the people in charge of student affairs and our respected Dean, Dr. Muhammad Noor Wazir, hear our voices and our frustration and make the necessary changes to help create a college full of healthy, happy students. 

And to the people that this petition reaches. Whether you are associated with KGMC, or not. Please sign if you believe that students should be able to focus on their studies while maintaining a healthy, balanced life. 


First Year student and everyone at KGMC 

Thank you for time.