Stop Draggieland


Stop Draggieland

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   On February 19th, the MSC Townhall, in collaboration with the LGBTQ+ Pride Center, is hosting the event "DRAGgieland." This event will consist of men dressed as imitations of women, "competing" against each other to be granted "the title of Queen of DRAGgieland 2020."

   This event, funded by the university, contradicts the A&M core values, especially respect and excellence. The dress and actions of these performers are disrespectful to women, with men portraying women as objects of sexual exploitation for the entertainment of the student body. The actions of this event do not promote excellence of the student body, but instead foster a climate of degradation. 

   As Christians we believe in the dignity of every human person, that value and worth is given not earned. We believe that every person is beautiful as they were created and don’t have to change to be valued. We are all unique and should be accepted as we are.  We believe that the human person, their bodies, and their sexuality are sacred and special and not something that should be exploited, laughed at, abused, or used for the entertainment of others.  We are against exploitation of human persons in human trafficking, pornography and prostitution because it destroys their human dignity and enslaves them in a life of being used for the sexual pleasure of others.

We are against Draggieland because it confuses people and their identity. It promotes the sexualization of the human person and goes against the values of our university. As students we strive to live up to the university values and we expect the same from the university itself. 

President Michael K. Young and Vice President Daniel J. Pugh Sr, we urge the immediate cancellation of this event for the protection of women and promotion of  A&M's core values.

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