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Save Our Studio - Fiorello H. Laguardia High School

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As many of you may be aware, recently our music office in the basement was taken away.  This is only one of the many things that have been slowly tearing away at the instrumental department. 

It is absolutely unacceptable that this office has been taken away.  It served a key purpose for the instrumental department. It served as a place where everyone could hand in work or slips, where people could sign up for events, could find out information, and where people could even sometimes practice. To take this office away is absurd. For a school that is centered around the arts it does not make sense that the heart of our department has been taken away. 

The drama office is in the basement, drama classes are in the basement. The art office is on the 7th floor. Art classes are on the 7th and 8th floor. The dance office is on the 8th floor. Dance classes are on the 8th floor. The tech office is in the basement. Tech classes are in the basement.  The vocal office is on the fourth floor.  The majority of vocal classes are on the fourth floor. Instrumental classes are in the basement. The office for instrumental is now on the fourth floor. Five floors away. Something sounds off here.

As a department, almost all of our music classes take place in the basement. With an office there, in the center of the department, instrumental majors always had a place.  Now our only office is on the 4th floor. That is five floors away.  To tell an entire major that if they have a general question or would like to hand something in that they would have to travel that far is an insult to the department. 

Not to mention that the only office for the instrumental department is now the same office for the vocal department. That means that not only is that a massive burden on our AP, it also adds to the inconvenience for every student, instrumental and vocal. We now have one office to filter hundreds of students. 

To take away this office is absolutely atrociously ridiculous. There is a massive need for the office. Taking it away will cause problems for everyone in the instrumental department as well as the vocal department. This office served a vital role in keeping the instrumental department organized. Taking it away is essentially saying that we as a major do not matter. It is not only a symbol of our department, but of all the departments and the creativity and talent of our majors which seem to not be as valued anymore.  The removal of this office is the one more step in the direction of diminishing the arts in our school.  This office cannot be taken away. 

While the main focus of this may be regarding the office itself, I think it is important that we realize the true point of this petition.  By signing this you are sharing how you feel about the value of the arts at LaGaurdia.  Everyone that signs this petition is assuring the others that they are not alone in this feeling of confusion and frustration.  Thank you for signing.




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