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Labrador Luna Murdered & Perpetrator Walks Free - WA Police, Please Appeal Court Decision

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On May 17th this year, Jayde Paul Rowan, 37, pulled out a pocket knife at a public park in WA and stabbed Labrador Luna, killing her in front of her 22 year old owner, Bridgette. Even writing those words hurts and my heart breaks for Bridgette and those who loved Luna. 

On 15th of June, Rowan pleaded guilty to stabbing Luna and the magistrate allowed him to walk free with a suspended sentence. There are so many aspects of this horrible case that are injustice. 

- There is no justice for Luna, the innocent animal who's life was so brutally ended.

- There is no justice for Bridgette who held her gorgeous pup in her arms as she died, absolutely helpless to save her. 

- There are no consequences for a man who carries a knife on him in a public park and without being threatened uses it on an innocent animal who simply approached him. By all accounts, Luna was not aggressive, she simply approached Rowan and his dog.

- There is no justice for the police who worked so hard to locate and convict this man after he fled the scene.

- There is no justice for future victims and innocent animals when other perpetrators can use this case as a precedence and potentially also walk free after this heartbreaking standard of conviction has been set.

The WA police have 28 days to appeal this conviction passed down by the magistrate and we need to show them that we are behind them and support them in appealing this atrociously inadequate conviction. It has been proven time and time again that a large portion of serial killers start off harming animals, like Jeffrey Dahmer, Albert DeSalvo and David Berkowitz. Another study shows that 70% of the most violent prisoners have a history of serious animal abuse, compared to only 6% of non-aggressive/ nonviolent offenders. A suspended sentence is not an appropriate punishment for such a heinous crime and for such a high risk offender. Please sign this petition to show that the Nation is behind the WA police in appealing this unjust and grossly unfair conviction.

Please note that there is also another petition in place to prevent further injustice and to implement harsher penalties for animal cruelty in the long term in WA. Please sign that petition here:

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