Keep the Cadavers at Millersville University of Pennsylvania!

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Millersville University science program offers a great education for undergraduate and graduate students, providing opportunities for the students to excel in their future. An important aspect of a meaningful education is providing different learning styles for each student as well as making it a priority to meet each need for the student. While textbooks are a good resource for learning, it is important to learn in other ways as well. It is proven that using as many senses as possible during learning improves the memory and understanding of the subject for the learner.

Dr. James Cosentino, a professor of the biology department in the school of science and technology will be retiring this fall 2017, and with him may go the cadaver license as well. Cadavers are important in the learning and understanding process of human anatomy and physiology as they are a real depiction of how all body systems look and work. While textbooks help the student learn by showing diagrams and pictures, these diagrams and pictures are not always how the body system is actually seen and made up. 

Studying the textbook is a good source for understanding of concepts, but it is important to take that concept and knowledge learned and apply it to a real life situation. For example, a diagram of the muscles in a textbook is clear cut on the separation of one muscle from another with borders and colors, but in a cadaver each muscle looks more fused together, with identical color throughout all the muscles. Cadavers help the student learn by a hands on technique. The student is able to use the textbook as a reference to locate the muscle on the specific body part and then using the cadaver, they can make associations and find where the muscle actually begins and ends, using a more effective way to not only study, but to understand and learn. 

A big part of learning is not to memorize the information but to understand. Without the renewal of the cadaver license, this important aspect of learning retires with Dr. Cosentino. Please help to keep the education in the biology department meaningful for students. Signing this petition is a major step for your future and showing Dr. Jackson and Dr. Hoover that you care about your education. 

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