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Raise your voice against local dog abuse

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Dogs, the most loyal animals but unfortunately the animals who also suffer the most these days. There are many dogs in this world and it pains my eyes to see what a miserable life they live. I recently found a 40 days old puppy who was bleeding  badly, some one beat her with a stone, there were scars all over her body, she could barely open her eyes because there were scars near her eyes too, she was so weak one could easily see her ribs, her skin was so thin. She could barely walk. I brought her home, gave her a bowl of milk and she started drinking the milk as if she was hungry since a very long time. then a thought just popped into my mind that whether this is happening only in my locality or there are any other places where humans are so cruel?

I started scrolling and then I read many articles regarding animal abuse the worst one happened in the capital of California where a local resident discovered the 4-month-old dog’s body hanging from a tree near a bike path in.Chief Animal Control Officer Jase Huggins told KTXL that the puppy had sustained fractures “from nose to tail” before being shot with a BB gun and hanged from her leash,veterinarians had described the dog’s liver as looking “like hamburger meat”

After reading this article the only questions in my mind were, "What is wrong with humans?", "How can one be so cruel towards such little animals?", "Where is the humanity for which the humans are known for?", "Why the little puppies?" 

Only we humans can stop the vicious acts of other humans towards these little animals. Who will help them if not we? 

All of you can at least save one dog by signing this petition so that the respected ministers will take actions and will manage to formulate a strict law against animal abuse which if not followed, will be followed by fines of high amounts instantly or there could be dog zones in every area created for dogs only where all the stray dogs could live,where they will provide food and water to them. A world where dogs will coexist with humans peacefully. So let's stop this injustice. Let's be human in true sense.


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