Pursue corrective action against specific Crooms faculty members for abuse of authority

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For years, students at Crooms Academy of Information Technology have issued complaints and voiced distaste and discomfort with many members of the Crooms faculty. More specifically, many of the staff members hired last year (after many faculty members were promoted or reassigned) have consistently treated students unfairly and acted with unprofessional and inappropriate amounts of aggression. Many students have attempted to communicate their complaints to our principal (whom this petition is addressed to) only to receive promises that so far have yielded no difference in the toxic and unhealthy behavior of the handful of faculty members that cast a shadow upon their accomplished and enthusiastic coworkers. Crooms is undoubtedly one of the most unique schools in our county, not only concerning the subject of our learning, but also our student body. Due to the appeal that information technology has to more introverted students, the majority of those attending Crooms are suffering from depression and/or anxiety, and therefore the overly aggressive and loud manner in which most students are treated with by these specific faculty members is unfair and is sure to cause many problems in the future as it does today. Furthermore, many systems are treated with lack of caring and professionalism, such as the flawed guided study system that often leaves many students in a silent study period even after finishing all required missing work. Even worse, many students are left with referrals for skipping these monotonous periods even though they were never notified that they had them in the first place.

In conclusion, the large majority of students at Crooms academy are displeased with how the actions of some current faculty members are obstructing their learning process without repercussions. From this petition we hope to:

  • Persuade Dr. Hanshaw to seek corrective action against the specific offending teachers (whose names have already been provided by the many students who have brought this issue forward in the past).
  • Create an environment in which students can feel more comfortable and confident reporting problems with teachers, not to cultivate the idea that students can just fire teachers they don't like, but so that teachers can further understand what actions could be detrimental to their teaching and further improve their teaching from it.
  • Have the school make a concrete statement concerning discriminatory attitudes, as it is not uncommon for students to receive homophobic remarks from certain teachers. As the president of Pride Panthers (the Crooms LGBT club) it disgusts me that I still hear complaints of students being judged for their sexuality.

I love my school, more than any other school I've ever attended and most likely ever will. I love my fellow students, my teachers, and my administration. That being said, this love also means that I am obligated to stand up where others have yet to. I hope for this petition to become a place for Crooms students to let their voices be heard, so that we all may have a part in making our beloved school a better place.

Note: If you are looking upon this petition and wishing to pursue disciplinary action against me, please consider that this petition is made only with the goal of bettering the school, and contains no slander of anyone, staff or otherwise.