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Allow Patrick J. Clark's lynx to live remainder of life with Mr. Clark and his family.

As any pet owner will tell you, the bond formed between you and your pet is something truly special. It doesnt matter if it's a snake, a fish, a dog or even a lynx. The time you get to spend with them is precious, they truly become a member of your family, they rely on you to feed them, to clean their cages and most importantly to love them. It's similar to caring for an infant. When Mr. Clark first rescued Sosha and took her home at a mere 10 days old, he had to bottle feed her, and clean her up after going to the bathroom. To Sosha, Mr. Clark is her mother and father, he is the only family she has ever known. So I ask you, Dr. LeaMaster and the Gladstone City Council, please allow Sosha to live out the remainder of her days with her family. Please make an exception, not only does Sosha need Mr. Clark but he needs her. She has provided Mr. Clark comfort in dealing with his PTSD after serving as a Marine in the Gulf War. Dogs wandering the neighborhood are more dangerous than this caged geriatric declawed lynx.

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  • Dr. Brad R. LeaMaster Oregon State Veterinarian/ The Gladstone City Council

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