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Stop Mount Field National Park's Camp Ground Being Privatised

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Mount Field National Park is found 64km North West of Hobart, Tasmania.

It is one of the first Australian National Parks; founded over 100 years ago, in 1916.

The area around Russell Falls; a 25 minute return walk from the Visitor Centre, was protected in 1885 because of it's natural beauty. The park is heritage listed, this is due to the fact that the flora and fauna (plants and animals) in Mount Field National Park are endangered and protected. The park also represents the Big River Nation, the Indigenous Community whom have suffered massive losses, in members of community and land due to colonisation.  

Privatising the Mount Field National Park Campground, under the State Government's 'Tourism Expression of Interest Program' could potentially increase costs and increase the development of man made accommodation that is detrimental to the environment and the integrity of the park. Upkeep and management of the campground would still fall to Parks and Wildlife Staff and therefore costs fall on those not reaping the monetary rewards.

"Rachel and Greg Power, who run the Waterfalls Cafe and Gallery at the Mt Field visitor centre, will take over the park’s accommodation under the State Government’s tourism expression of interest program."


"The couple has opened Mountain Cafe and Fuel at Maydena..."

DAVID BENIUK, Mercury, December 29, 2017

We need to be protecting the natural environment in Tasmania, which is home to many endemic species of flora and fauna which cannot be found anywhere in Australia, or the world. Introducing a privatised camp ground takes the ability to protect these areas away from the people and puts it in the hands of those who are interested in primarily monetary gain rather than the protection of the environment that we all enjoy experiencing and work to protect. 

"...proposal that will entice tourists to stay longer and spend more in the Derwent Valley region, and help achieve our goal to increase visitor overnight stays in regional areas by 70 per cent by 2022,” Environment Minister Elise Archer said.

As an Environment Minister the aim should be to protect the environment and educating the public on what Mount Field National Park has to offer and not increasing tourism to boost the monetary gain.




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