Save Deal's Fun Fair

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Dover District Council removes Clause 33 "WAIVER OF SHOWMAN'S GUILDS ESTABLISHED RIGHTS" from its Terms and Conditions.  

Family-run Forrest’s Amusements have been returning to Deal for four generations but they say they are unprepared to sign the authority’s latest “Conditions of Hire, Terms and Conditions” document.

They refuse to accept this clause that would make them waive their rights under the rules of the Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain of which they are a member.

Doing so, they say, would put them at risk of being reprimanded by the guild.

As Chief executive of Deal Community Carnival Association, this dispute puts many of the July Regatta Week events in jeopardy.

The fun-fair is part of Regatta Week. It adds to the atmosphere and ambience of the whole thing.

 If the fun-fair isn’t here we’ll also lose the Teddy Bears’ Picnic, one of our biggest events, as Forrest Amusements is a major sponsor.

No fun-fair this year means that Carnival and Regatta Week will be put at risk, the loss of Regatta week would be a devastating loss to Tourism and Trade in the area

The clause had been put into Swale Borough Council terms and conditions but then removed after discussions with Forrest Amusements.

The clause does not appear in Canterbury, Maidstone and the London Borough of Bexley’s agreements.


I am  hoping the community will express their concerns in a bid to make Dover council amend its agreement.

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