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To protect the allotments on Sandown Road, Sandwich

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Allotments nationally are at a premium and in Sandwich there is a waiting list for any workable allotment that becomes available. This land, much of it having been worked organically for many years, is in superb condition and we are campaigning to keep it as allotments rather than even more of it becoming paved over as space for the Tennis Courts which are underused and only available to those who can afford the fees and equipment needed to play. 

This land has been used as allotments for the community since the first world war and are part of the town's heritage. Very recently an elderly lady returned to the allotments and told us the story of how both her grandfather and father had worked the land during the wars and how wonderful it was to see the land still being worked today. 

Trends show that during times of recession people turn back to the land, wanting to reconnect with something tangible while at the same time experiencing home-grown food, which costs less and is better for us. The Dig for Victory campaign during the 1940s coupled with the grey of the post war years saw a rise in people taking up allotments. Today, with our economic uncertainly on a global scale, the desire for more space to grow food locally and experience life’s simple pleasures has reignited the call for more allotments. Figures suggest there are approximately 330,000 allotment plots in the UK, but to meet the current demand we need in the region of at least a further 90,000 plots.

The space for these allotments in Sandwich are large and could quite comfortably be split to create more allotments and grow the community of allotment holders.

Allotments are increasingly been valued and supported across the country with Thanet recently winning a large lottery grant to support their allotment projects. Allotments are valuable community spaces that provide people with the opportunity to enjoy regular physical exercise; meet new people in their neighbourhood; and benefit from a healthier diet, regardless of income.

A tremendous amount of hard work, expense and love has been poured into this land to make it fertile soil within which vegetables and flowers flourish. Why concrete over good productive land when we are being advised not to pave our gardens because of the increased risk of flooding? 

As people grow old or move and are unable to continue, allotments are normally offered to those on the waiting list.  Lately this has not been the case on the tennis court site because the club hopes to take the land over to build a club house and more courts which will probably be underused and will certainly only benefit a few people who can afford to pay for the annual  subscription and the equipment needed to play.  

We strongly believe this land should be valued as allotments and remain as such for future generations to enjoy. 

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