Stop Animal Testing

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In my grade twelve English class we were asked to make a change in something we strongly support, and well doing research the number of companies that still test on animals were way beyond belief; including, Avon, Maybeline, Dove, Victoria Secret, Benefit, Clinique and many more. It was also shocking to uncover the amount of animals currently used in laboratories across Canada, for a total of 4,308,921. This number included dogs, cats, rats, mice and rabbits all being forced to a life of suffering and eventually death, these animals are burned, shocked and induced with chemical and unfortunately this is all for no good reason. Companies have thought over the pass few years that when it comes to testing on animals it was compatible with humans.. well this isn’t the case. Many animals found in laboratories are different in anatomy, organ structure and function, and chemical and drug absorption. This can all lead to inadequate information when we try and apply animal data to humans. Our everyday life products may causes an animal a life of torture, animals aren’t test tubes with tails. Think before you buy.

Sign this petition to get the attention of these companies to stop testing cosmetic products on animals and use the ingredients known already to be safe!