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#FreeRorschach My Puppy Rorschach Has Been Stolen #EyeStandforRorschach

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 December 13, 2015 I got a puppy I named Rorschach after the ink blot test. I have traveled with him and documented our journeys' for I'm making a feature film of a hitchhiker. I have all kinds of medical bills, pictures, and even gave my pup his own fan page. Rorschach was stolen from me 9/10/17 by Krista Psykome Silvers-Nelson and Mike Nelson.

 Krista and Mike offered to Bless Rorschach and I after his injury and housed us up. So Rorschach wouldn't have to limp with his cast and cone of shame. I thought we were friends, after all we went missing in January and Krista made a Missing Persons Flyer that she wrote "He travels with his dog a blk & wht pointer."

 When this happened they took Rorschach's Chip Number and put it in their name and email. I didn't know that. So when I called the cops they read his chip and it went to the Nelsons. So I fixed the information and put it under my name at  showed Castle Rock PD all the Emails of medical bills, pictures, and screenshots. I thought I'd get him back home for sure.

 So Krista and Mike saw that and went and put Rorschach's chip number and registered him on another site under their information and filed a protection order against me where I can't be with in 100 yards of my pup. They offered to help me and I now know they only wanted to steal my baby from me.

 I have walked all over this town from The Court House to the Cop Shop a couple times. I went and  talked to all kinds of Deputies and after yesterdays conversation with an officer on the phone because he said he wouldn't send anyone because "I should of been working on this four days ago!" That's all I've been doing is working on this is. Well besides crying an awful lot. Please I have thousands of friends and followers who have witnessed Rorschach grow with me. He's no ones property he is my baby. I have Medical bills from 3 different vets from Texas to Colorado.

Rorschach is my pup and they are blatantly trying real hard to steal their homeless hitchhiking filmmaker's Puppy. 

I was also a Legal Presidential Write-In for The State of Colorado and Mike Nelson was my Vice President Running mate. He will NOT be part of my 2020 Bid I can't trust these people.

They STOLE My Pup and I just want him back so bad!!! I didn't Abandon him. You offered to help me so I can use the Denver Library Idea Lab to edit my Short Film "@AmosntGhan" which they have an associate Producer credit which they asked for for blessing Rorschach and I. As well as go to doctors offices so I can get my Elbow fixed without having to worry about Rorschach not being able to go in these establishments with me. 

They offered to help not steal my Pup from me Please Give Him Back and I'd like to press charges because after i fixed Rorschach's chip they went to register him on another site obviously they are trying real hard to steal Rorschach from me I want to press charges! i need my Dog... I'm totally not the same and I'm lost with him!! Please give me my pup back. I'm a forgiving spirit but only if I can get my baby back!

#EyeStandForRorschach #FreeRorschach  

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