Justice for Hindo, innocent dog, thrown to his death by drunken mob

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This petition has been created to push the government to actually enforce the harshest possible punishment available regarding animal cruelty and indeed increase the sentencing to reflect the seriousness and severity of such a barbaric crime. 

On the 21st April, Cristian Duto was standing on the balcony of his flat in Liverpool, when a group of approximately 40 people, who had been drinking, started throwing bottles at nearby cars and behaving in a clearly antisocial manner. Cristian's Mum went downstairs to ask them to stop, it was then that a smaller group of 10-15 people proceeded to climb fencing in order to access the terrace/balcony of Christian's flat, they were armed with broken bottles and knives. Cristian and his Mum were both attacked and it was then, that Hindo, their American bulldog cross, was picked up by his legs and  thrown from the balcony. Hindo was still alive at this point, when Cristian raced down desperately trying to fight off the mob below, only to find they were beating Hindo with sticks. By the time Cristian was able to remove Hindo from the scene, he tragically died from his injuries en route to the vets.

I, like so many am absolutely appalled by this sickening, vile and  barbaric attack on this innocent dog. Cristian describes him as a real softie who couldn't go to sleep without his blanket. Cases of animal cruelty are happening on a daily basis and it has to STOP and be STOPPED now!!!

The punishment absolutely has to fit the crime, these defenceless animals are unable to protect themselves, like many I belong to Internet groups that focus on reuniting lost & stolen dogs, I can assure you the level of violence is on the increase and it is literally on a daily basis. I know you will say there are laws in place, but they are no where near harsh enough or applied often enough, therefore these thugs will continue as they please, thinking they are untouchable as the punishment is rarely handed out. 

This has to change and it has to change now and this 'gang' needs bringing to justice and a clear precedence set. We cannot bring Hindo back, he must have been absolutely petrified, and his human family have suffered immeasurable pain both physically and mentally, the very least we can do is bring justice for Hindo and as our government I absolutely challenge you to enforce the powers of prosecution that you say are available. You as a government have the power to do this, it cannot be swept under the carpet and we will not be going anywhere, we have to be the voice of these innocent defenceless animals and along with everyone who signs this petition, we implore you to act

Laws are absolutely futile if they are not enforced, give the Police the resources to properly investigate this abhorrent crime, find the perpetrators and drag them through the justice system and give the judges the power to sentence appropriately. This applies to ALL animals, they are NOT a possession as they are presently classified as in the eyes of the law, they are our precious family members, who have little or no protection, this mindset has to change. As it presently stands, our 4 legged best friends, are categorised with the same level as importance as your mobile phone!! Our precious animals have very little protection as the law currently stands and as law abiding citizens, we have the right to demand this changes. As a government you have the power to enforce these laws and show true leadership, as law abiding citizens we should expect nothing less than for these sentences to be handed down in the harshest way possible.

Here's how each and every one of you can help, it takes seconds, but could change so much! We need 100000 signatures in order for this to be debated by the government, I KNOW so many of you feel every bit as frustrated, angry and disgusted by our present system as I do, so PLEASE sign and share share share. We HAVE to be their voices