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Walmart, Donate damaged pet food to shelters

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When I think of how many people work so diligently to support fundraising efforts for shelter animals, what I learned recently makes me sad.

Several days ago, my daughter and I were shopping at a local Walmart and in the pet section, there was a 50 lb. bag of dog food broken open and some of its contents was scattered across the floor. There was a lady attempting to navigate her shopping cart around the spill, so we looked around for a sales associate to assist.

The next part is what was so discouraging. The sales associate told us it happens all the time, due to the questionable quality of the bags the animal food arrives in, and that this was the third such spill that had been handled that week alone. When we asked what would become of the remainder still in the bag and usable- and whether it could be donated to local shelters as a tax credit for the Walmart corporation, we were told the following:

Walmart would rather toss the food in a dumpster because getting a refund from the manufacturer was more important than tax deduction donations where it is so desperately needed.

150 pounds of dog food in one week in ONE Walmart storeand it all went to the landfill.

There are currently 3,522 Supercenter Walmart stores in the US alone. Even if only ONE 50 lb. bag of DOG food was damaged and discarded in each of these stores per YEAR, it comes to 176,100 lbs of deplorable WASTE.

How much gets thrown away worldwide?

You do the math and tell me whats wrong with this equation.


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